Evil Bong Series

  • Evil Bong [Remastered]



    Meet EEBEE, a vintage bong with the mysterious power to grant truly killer highs Hypnotized by EEBEE the Evil Bong, college nerd ALISTAIR McDOWELL (David Weidoff) and his stoner roommates – including LUANN (Robin Sydney) and JANET (Kristyn Green) – take a toke and EEBEE send...

  • Evil Bong 2: King Bong


    Larnell (John Jordan), Luanne (Robin Sydney) and those crazy dudes from EVIL BONG are back for a bigger hit! Suffering from bizarre side-effects caused by smoking weed from the Evil Bong, they travel to South America in search of a cure. Deep in the jungle, they encounter the deadly KING BONG an...

  • Evil Bong 3: Wrath of Bong


    The Dudes are back! And this time, they're right in the middle of a galactic stoner-horror comedy! Larnell, Bachman, Brett and Alistair survived their battle with the dubious KING BONG. Now, they've set up shop, a head shop, in Venice Beach. Just as they think all of their troubles are behind ...

  • Evil Bong 420


    Polish your balls and head to the lanes. Rabbit has escaped the Evil Bong’s World of Weed, and has opened a topless bowling alley. It’s the Grand Opening and the balls are rolling, the boobs are bouncing and the weed is plentiful. When his old friends, Larnell and Sarah Leigh stop by to help him ...

  • Evil Bong High 5!


    For those of you who survived EVIL BONG: 420, but still haven’t come down from your haze, Charles Band and Full Moon Features wants to lend you a helping hand with EVIL BONG: HIGH-5! Learning from her previous mistakes, EeBee the Evil Bong is back and she’s stoner… er… stronger than ever. With La...

  • Evil Bong 666


    "When There's No More Room in Hell, The Stoned Shall Walk the Earth."Your favorite stoner characters are back in EVIL BONG 666! When a blood sacrifice opens a portal to Hell, Ebee is returned to Earth where Lucy Furr, the new proprietor of her weed shop, has some sinister plans of her own. Before...

  • Evil Bong 777


    GET RIPPED ON THE STRIP 'CUZ THE BONG IS BACK! The weed weirdos are back in Charles Band's 7th smoke-soaked entry in Full Moon's beloved horror comedy series starring everyone's favorite High Priestess of herb, Ebee...the Evil Bong! For this latest madcap adventure, Band has dragged his merry ban...

  • Evil Bong 888: Infinity High


    Over fifteen years and nine movies have culminated to this moment: the final flick in the far-out EVIL BONG series...get ready for Charles Band's EVIL BONG 888: INFINITY HIGH!

    When he's finally given a chance to go legit by opening a restaurant, Rabbit (series regular Sonny Carl Davis) can't st...

  • The Gingerweed Man


    Cannabis cookie playboy The Gingerweed Man crosses paths with bodacious bounty hunter Smokahontas who is after the magical - and adorable - Buddy the Nug. Suddenly, our easy going hero is sucked into a wild world of dangerous villains and smoking hot damsels dead-set on getting their hands on lit...

  • Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong


    And hell rode with them!

    It's a War of the Colossal Freaks when serial killing cookie, GINGERDEAD MAN, tracks down the lone survivor of his murderous rampage, SARAH LEIGH (Robin Sydney), to take care of unfinished business. But his devious plans go up in smoke when Sarah meets LARNELL (John Pa...

  • Halloweed Night


    It's Halloween in Las Vegas and three sexy young ladies are throwing a wild “Bud Bash” party at a haunted hotel with some of their closest friends. But when the mysterious and mystical Baroness introduces them to the dreaded "Weed-G-Board", they unleash the Weedjies, a freakish gaggle of ghoulish...