Directed by Ted Nicolaou

  • Don't Let Her In
    Movie + 2 extras

    Don't Let Her In

    Movie + 2 extras

    When an attractive young couple rents out a room in their spacious loft to an eccentric, beautiful female artist, they soon live to regret it. Slowly but surely, their seductive new tenant invades their minds, their beds, the very fabric of their lives.

    A sensual supernatural nightmare from wri...

  • Don't Let Her In: Behind the Scenes with Ted Nicolaou


    Take an exclusive look at the making of the terrifying new Full Moon Features two-part demonic horror film DON’T LET HER IN directed by genre legend Ted Nicolaou of the beloved SUBSPECIES franchise. Nicolaou discusses creating Serena, “the roommate from Hell”, his creative process, and his long a...

  • Subspecies


    Deep within the heart of Romania, a suppressed evil from the past has come back to haunt the present, and three young beauties have stumbled onto its path. Michelle and Lillian are two American students who have joined their friend Mara in Romania for their studies of the ancient myths and legend...

  • Subspecies II: Bloodstone


    The centuries-old conflict that has plagued the villages of Transylvania explodes into bloodshed. The mad vampire Radu becomes obsessed with Michelle, who loves his half-mortal brother Stefan. In his quest to possess Michelle and the sacred relic, the Bloodstone, Radu destroys Stefan as he sleeps...

  • Subspecies III: Bloodlust


    There is no love between the living and the dead! Radu (ANDERS HOVE) has been destroyed, and Michelle (DENICE DUFF) has been captured by Radu’s vile mother, Mummy. Mummy uses sorcery to bring Radu back to life, then magically transports them back to Castle Vladislas to escape their mortal pursuer...

  • Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm


    The most savage vampire masters of all time have returned from their unholy rest in the final battle for the Bloodstone. RADU VLADISLAS (Anders Hove) has awakened once again to exact his bloody revenge upon those who have betrayed his reign of evil.

    After escaping Radu's foul lair, MICHELLE (Den...

  • Vampire Journals


    VAMPIRE JOURNALS follows Zachary, a vampire with a conscience, who hunts the vampire bloodline that sired him. After witnessing the love of his life get turned into a vampire, Zachary destroys both her, and his master, and former protégé of Ash. Serena. Zachary, armed with the enchanted sword of ...

  • Remote


    A 13-year-old boy, obsessed with making unique and sometimes dangerous remote-controlled toys, decides to put them to use when he's trapped alone in a vacant model suburban house.

    Facing three moronic prison escapees, the clever boy proceeds to make mincemeat out of them with all his remote-cont...

  • Ragdoll


    A Voodoo doll has risen to seek revenge in the inner city!

    Aspiring teenage rapper KWAME performs in a local hip-hop band. While living with his aged grandmother, he has grown up listening to her talk about her magical powers. When his Gran is put into the hospital by the local thugs, Kwame invo...

  • Magic In The Mirror


    One mirror, two sides. One side is the world we know. The other is guarded by the Mirror Minders, watchful beings who prevent people from entering their fantastic realm of enchantment.

    When one of the Mirror Minders falls asleep, young Mary Margaret (Jamie Renée Smith) accidentally steps through...

  • Bad Channels


    There's a hip new disc jockey at KDUL, Superstation 66, and he's about to make rock and roll history. He's Dangerous Dan O'Dare (Paul Hipp), the most controversial DJ to hit the airwaves and he's going to give his listeners the time of their life. Dangerous Dan is newly employed at KDUL after a s...

  • Shandar: The Shrunken City


    Two young heroes. One TINY city.

    Two kids, GEORGE and LORI - have literally discovered a new world. Hidden deep underground for centuries, the tiny bottled city of Shandar is unearthed in an excavation site. Damaged from the dig, the dormant, miniaturized metropolis reawakens - unprotected from ...