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Surrender Cinema

  • Beach Babes From Beyond [Director's Cut]


    One of Full Moon's hottest titles just got even HOTTER! The sex-tastic fantasy comedy classic BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND is back, in a raunchy director’s cut remastered from the original camera negative and loaded to the bursting point with extra nudity and naughtiness!

    When smokeshow space teens X...

  • Femalien: Cosmic Crush: Episode 1


    When an ancient hunger is awakened in the far reaches of space, the Alterian High Council sends newly ordained Collector Maxy Prime [Kira Noir] to investigate with her nimble sidekick, Gabby Jinx [Lilly Fairfield]. There they discover a mad professor [Denise Milfort] and her students [Jillian Jan...

  • Femalien: Cosmic Crush: Episode 2


    When an ancient hunger is awakened in the far reaches of space, the Alterian High Council sends newly ordained Collector Maxy Prime [Kira Noir] to investigate with her nimble sidekick, Gabby Jinx [Lilly Fairfield]. There they discover a mad professor [Denise Milfort] and her students [Jillian Jan...

  • Time Warp Women


    On board a space station in the near future, Leon falls into its time portal and lands in the boudoir of Marie Antoinette. He observes a dalliance of the queen with her maid, Mimi; then the queen finds him, suspects he's the king's spy, and seduces him. The king catches them in flagrante delicto ...

  • Femalien


    Beyond HUMAN desire...Beyond HUMAN!

    In the pursuit of perfection, an alien civilization has evolved to become beings of pure light energy, unbound by the limitations of the mortal body. But they have lost something very precious along the way...the ability to experience physical pleasure.

    They ...

  • Femalien 2: The Search for Kara


    When Kara decides to extend her Earth mission without permission, two more Femaliens are sent to bring her back, but they decide to do a little exploring" of their own.

  • Hot Times in the Hollywood Hills


  • Diamond Dolls


    When a young co-ed inherits her uncle’s strip club, she must turn it around before the bank forecloses and in the process, is surprised to discover her own “stripper spirit.”

  • Beach Babes From Beyond


    Hot! Tan! Alien! An intergalactic babe borrows her dad's T-bird ship to do a little planet hopping with her two friends, but they run out of fuel unexpectedly, and must land on earth.

    They land on the California coast and run into some guys, where they have fun and a few close encounters at the...

  • Virtual Encounters 2


    Where your deepest FANTASIES...become virtual REALITY!

    At Midvale College, two nerds have introduced the student body to virtual sex, as they have discovered a new world of pleasure. Virtual Encounters is the hottest new hangout on campus, offering hungry young minds erotic cyber-adventures so r...

  • Phantom Love


    A gothic romance novelist desperate for inspiration travels to Paris and reads a diary relating a tale of romance from the 18th century…

    When Ellen Turner, a successful romance novelist suffering from writer's block, takes a much needed European vacation, she not only discovers her own sensualit...

  • Diary of Lust


    Read the DIARY OF LUST....

    When beautiful sex researcher CAROL SHARP checks into a legendary Eastern European castle to document its strange psychic properties and their effects on the human libido, she discovers an ancient diary which unlocks not only the steamy past of the castle, but her own ...

  • Petticoat Planet


    Where women are the LAW...because there are no males to stop them!

    When a low-rent space traveler lands on "Petticoat Planet," he discovers a world populated with frisky women...and all seems all right!

    Commander Steve Rogers, a blue-collar space jockey with a lousy job, crash-lands his corrodi...



    They are NO angels.

    This is the true story of five beautiful women who decide to spice up their lives – and their bank accounts – by creating the ultimate erotic website:

    Follow them on an unrehearsed guided tour through a cyber world they're discovering for the very first time! Y...

  • Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen


    A Time Travel Saga of Passion and Power.

    Thomas Dunsmore is about to embark on the most extraordinary journey of his life…an erotic excursion through time. While playing what he believes to be a simple arcade game, Thomas soon discovers that the bizarre machine is much more than it seems. Transp...

  • Hotel Exotica


    A psychic advises Carly to book a weekend at the Hotel Exotica to put life in her stale marriage to Doug, an over-worked attorney. He tells her he can go, but when he has to work, she goes instead with Rachel, her sister who's recently dumped her philandering boyfriend. Carly and Rachel arrive, t...

  • Huntress: Spirit of The Night


    She has savage beauty, a savage heart and a savage spirit...There lies a beast deep within us all.

    Tara is about to discover hers. Returning to her ancestral home in the tiny town of Brecon, North Wales, for her father's funeral, the red-haired beauty uncovers a dark family secret. At the same ...

  • The Exotic Time Machine 2: Forbidden Encounters


    The forbidden time travelers continue their erotic travels...

    In an attempt to protect their time-traveling program, chuck and Melissa must travel the timeline to plant special beacons which will sabotage any effort to steal technology. Along the way our travelers meet and "mingle" with some of ...

  • Beach Babes 2: Cavegirl Island


    Xena, Luna, and Sola leave Malibu but return to earth unexpectedly when Xena sneezes and crash lands them on a desert isle. After being threatened by dinosaurs and having a few close encounters with some primitive stud muffins, they tangle with the evil James T. Renford II, who has some sinister ...

  • Cupid's Arrow


    Angela is a platinum blonde with a special mission: bring together deserving lovers, like Stella - a bookish marketing exec who has eyes for her hunky boss. Can Angela release Stella's inner seductress? Then there is the case of Joey and his brother's bride-to-be. Joey is secretly in love with he...

  • Bimbo Movie Bash


    Hell hath no fury like a bimbo scorned! For decades, the blond and the beautiful have been billboarded, belittled and bad-mouthed.

    Now, a massive squadron of the lightheaded lovelies is about to exact the ultimate revenge on the chauvinists of the Earth. See all of your favorite femmes return to...

  • Pleasurecraft


    A crew of astronauts are tasked with delivering three beautiful women to their superiors. Provided that they don't get seduced by them before reaching their destination…

    Welcome aboard....The Pleasurecraft!

    What happens when love collides head-on with duty? The crewmen of the star cruiser Prome...

  • Bikini Hotel


    Samantha Vance inherits the Tiki Hotel when her father dies. She decides to fix it up but has problems drumming up business. Her friends throw a party at the hotel and an idea is born to make it the "Bikini Hotel" with all of the staff members wearing bikinis. This elicits jealousy in the nearby ...

  • Secrets


    On their way to a Hollywood party, five women are momentarily stuck in an elevator. To pass the time, they entertain each other with stories of sexual adventure and erotica in the vein of "Red Shoe Diaries" and "Sex in the City."