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  • The Primevals

    1 video  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $9.99

    Deep in the Himalayas, a group of Sherpas subdue and kill a towering humanoid creature, one that Dr. Claire Collier believes to be the legendary Yeti. Soon, Dr. Collier and her colleagues lead an expedition into the mountains to find other beasts like it, only to uncover a race of beings even mor...

  • AIMEE: The Visitor

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    Scott Keyes is a brilliant but misanthropic computer hacker who generally prefers the company of computers to human beings. But Keyes’ life is about to be turned upside-down. Thanks to some code-breaking by his partners Hunter and Gazelle, Keyes is finally able to unlock AIMEE, an incredibly adva...

  • Subspecies V: Bloodrise

    3 videos  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    The vampire Radu (Anders Hove) is back in director Ted Nicolaou's epic prequel SUBSPECIES V: BLOODRISE, a dark thriller that follows Radu’s descent from a noble warrior of the Church to a depraved, blood-hungry creature of the night!

    Stolen by crusaders on the night of his birth from his demon m...

  • Bring Her To Me

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    A woman is plagued by nightmares about traveling to a dark realm and a demonic entity that awaits her arrival. With the help of a friend, she consults a dream interpreter to end the nightmares, only to find that no one is who they seem and the real horror is about to begin.

  • Femalien: Cosmic Crush

    9 videos  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    When an ancient hunger is awakened in the far reaches of space, the Alterian High Council sends newly ordained Collector Maxy Prime [Kira Noir] to investigate with her nimble sidekick, Gabby Jinx [Lilly Fairfield]. There they discover a mad professor [Denise Milfort] and her students [Jillian Jan...

  • Videoverse
    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99


    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    When a newlywed couple digs up a mysterious home movie, it not only spices up their love life but transports them to a new dimension of debauchery, haunted by an eighties sex icon.

  • Bad CGI Gator

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    Six college grads on spring break get a cabin in the swamplands of Georgia. Once there, they decide to throw their school laptops in a backyard lake in an act of youthful defiance, which unknowingly turns a lurking alligator into the dreaded and insatiable... BAD CGI GATOR

  • Seedpeople [Remastered]

    2 videos  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    Prepare to unearth the root of all evil with this classic 1992 Full Moon science fiction/ horror movie that will get under your skin! Welcome to the sleepy little town of Comet Valley, where nothing much exciting ever happens. That is, until the town is invaded by sentient plants from outer space...

  • Shadowzone [Remastered]

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    From director J.S. Cardone (THE SLAYER, THE FORSAKEN) comes SHADOWZONE, one of Full Moon's most acclaimed '90s shockers!

    A group of NASA hyper-sleep researchers are conducting tests in an abandoned underground facility in the Nevada desert. One subject has died during the test, and NASA has sen...

  • Doll Graveyard [Remastered]

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    It's 1905 when 12 year old Sophia plays all by herself in her big, creepy house with only four handmade dolls as friends. When her abusive father has finally had enough, he forces her to bury them in the backyard. But, after she "slips" and breaks her neck, dad buries her right along with the dol...

  • Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm [Remastered]

    2 videos  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    The most savage vampire masters of all time returns in this scary sequel, now remastered and looking better than ever! After escaping Radu's foul lair, Michelle has lost hope for salvation as the last of her humanity slips away. Aided by her mortal friend ANA, Michelle's desperate journey leads h...

  • Blade the Iron Cross

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    For decades the fans have been asking for it and now Full Moon finally delivers with the first ever standalone feature film centered around its most beloved character - the homicidal hook-handed puppet assassin BLADE!

    Charles Band’s iconic PUPPET MASTER series continues in this 12th official ent...

  • Corona Zombies

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    Ditsy damsels in distress, toilet paper famine, inept world leaders, mass-media gone wild, a virus from Hell and hordes of ghouls hungry for human flesh combine in Full Moon's maniacal horror comedy hybrid CORONA ZOMBIES!

    Part irreverent satire, part gonzo Italian zombie movie remix, all Full Mo...

  • Barbie & Kendra Save the Tiger King

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    After narrowly escaping the contagious catastrophe of the CORONA ZOMBIES, ditsy American beauties Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) and Kendra (Robin Sydney) battle their deadliest foe yet: social distancing boredom! Hooked on binge-watching a television show about a man and his tigers on a nature chan...

  • Fairy Tales [Remastered]

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    Little Bo Peep (Angela Aames), Old King Cole (Bob Leslie), Little Tommy Tucker (Robert Staats), Snow White (Anne Gaybis), and many others (Linnea Quigley), have all grown up and are ready for action!

    These enchanting characters from beloved nursery rhymes sing, dance, lust, and romance their way...

  • Cinderella
    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99


    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $6.99

    What the prince SLIPPED Cinderella was NOT a slipper!

    In the mood for lusty laughs? Curl up with this sizzling comedy spoof on the classic bedtime story, as CINDERELLA becomes a sexpot in search of a royally satisfying ending. Cindy's still got a nasty stepmother and stepsisters, but in this rac...