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The Jess Franco Collection

  • Gore In Venice


    Get ready for the most controversial and notorious giallo film of all time, presented Italian language with English subtitles.

    Set against the scenic backdrop of beautiful Venice, Landi's depraved chiller follows the plight of Inspector DePaul (Jeff Blynn) who, while investigating the hideous m...

  • Jess Franco's The Girl From Rio


    With the help of her well-trained army, a beautiful woman (Shirley Eaton) plans to take over the world.

  • Mansion of the Living Dead


    From the mad mind of Eurohorror legend Jess Franco comes 1982's MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD, a bizarre and sensual fever dream of dirty dames and mouldering deviant corpses! Inspired in part by the iconic Spanish "Blind Dead" films, Franco's muse Lina Romay stars alongside Franco regular Antonio M...

  • Angel of Death


    From the fevered mind of the notorious Jess Franco (BARBED WIRE DOLLS) comes 1987's ANGEL OF DEATH (aka COMMANDO MENGELE), a deranged free-fall into "Nazisploitaion" that takes its cues from the blockbuster 1978 shocker THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL and delivers the sort of delirium that fans of French ge...

  • Countdown To Esmeralda Bay [Remastered]


    Remastered from the original 35mm negative - A colorful, pulse-pounding tale of revolution, a military gone mad, a government out of control and those who profit from the chaos.

  • Jess Franco's Night of the Eagles


    From the studio that brought you ZOMBIE LAKE and PANTHER SQUAD and the director of FEMALE VAMPIRE and BARBED WIRE DOLLS, comes Jess Franco's NIGHT OF THE EAGLES, a stark WWII drama starring iconic genre actors Christopher Lee (HORROR OF DRACULA, THE BLOODY JUDGE and the STAR WARS prequels) and Lu...

  • Jess Franco's Erotikill


    Legend has it that centuries ago a family of vampires had come from distant Bohemia to live on a small tropical island atop a fog-covered mountain. The last descendant of the family is beautiful Irina who comes down from her mountaintop retreat to quench her bloodlust. In the village she meets Ra...

  • Kiss Me Monster


    KISS ME, MONSTER finds The Red Lips girls moonlighting on a striptease world tour - but no sooner do they hit the stage than the girls are up to their pasties in stiffs, satanists and sapphic sadists, all after a secret formula for human clones!

    But if The Red Lips can get to it first, will the...

  • Succubus


    At a chic nightclub for jaded jetsetters, a simulated snuff performance is the main attraction, and Lorna, its leading lady, is the obsession of men and women alike. Little do they realize that Lorna's Mephistophelean manager has transformed her into "the essence of evil... a devil on earth!" Soo...

  • Two Undercover Angels


    The sultry super-sleuth Red Lips stumble upon a slew of murdered models, actresses and exotic dancers - all of whom appear in the work of a perverted pop artist. If he and his shaggy henchman are turning buxom beauties into art brut, can The Red Lips stop him before one of them becomes his next o...

  • Jess Franco's Barbed Wire Dolls


    From the fevered minds of maverick exploitation filmmaker and director Jess Franco and notorious Swiss genre movie producer Erwin C. Dietrich, comes BARBED WIRE DOLLS, one of the most outrageous entries in the "Women-in-Prison" film cannon.

    In it, Franco favorite and lifelong muse Lina Romay sta...

  • Jess Franco's Cecilia


    Cecilia, a haughty aristocrat who enjoys taunting her servants with her flawless physique, finds her life turned upside down when she is violated by the victims of her vicious games. This eye-opening experience leads the newly enlightened libertine into a sordid series of swingin' socialite soire...

  • Downtown Heat


    From director Jess Franco, the inimitable overlord of international exploitation, comes DOWNTOWN HEAT, a rarely seen 1994 action thriller starring MANNIX himself, Mike Connors, along with Josephine Chaplin (Franco's JACK THE RIPPER) and Franco's main muse Lina Romay. A young jazz-composer turns v...