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The Jess Franco Collection

  • Jess Franco's Exotic Dreams


    A young woman is hired to care of a wealthy but elderly man, his paralyzed daughter and his lonely but sensuous adopted daughter who all live on an island off the Greek coast.

    When she arrives at the island the elderly man warns her that his daughters are evil and dangerous. The woman soon disc...

  • Eugenie De Sade


    Esteemed author Albert Radeck is the toast of the Berlin literati and the object of his stepdaughter Eugenie's affections. However, when his little darling unmasks her father figure as a sex-crazed psychopath obsessed with perpetrating the perfect crime, she transforms from innocent ward to a wil...

  • Voodoo Passion


    Eurosleaze maverick Jess Franco and producer Erwin C. Dietrich team up again for Voodoo Passion (aka Call of the Blonde Goddess and Porno Shock), a voyeuristic thriller that veers wildly between reality and fantasy.

    Actress Ada Tauler stars as Susan, who arrives in Haiti to live with her new hus...

  • Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun


    Susan Hemingway, William Berger, Herbert Fux and Ana Zanatti star in a movie so confronting that censorship bans prevented its release for two years. Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior. Maria is tortured an...

  • The Girl From Rio


  • Jack The Ripper


    The inimitable Klaus Kinski (NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE, CRAWLSPACE, FITZCARRALDO) assumes the role of the most heinous criminal of modern history - JACK THE RIPPER - in this explicitly savage, wildly erotic version of the infamous tale from Europe's most notorious filmmaker, Jess Franco.

    Kinski star...

  • Women In Cellblock 9


    Somewhere in the jungles of South America mercenaries stop a truck which has allegedly loaded fruit. The cargo turns out to be six young women. Apprehended and handed over to the custody of the local women's prison.

    From the fevered, wonderfully perverted minds of Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco a...

  • Barbed Wire Dolls


    From the fevered minds of maverick exploitation filmmaker and director Jess Franco and notorious Swiss genre movie producer Erwin C. Dietrich, comes BARBED WIRE DOLLS, one of the most outrageous entries in the "Women-in-Prison" film cannon.

    In it, Franco favorite and lifelong muse Lina Romay sta...

  • Slaves


    Jess Franco's rare and controversial erotic thriller Slaves, fully uncut!

    Out of all the pictures Spanish exploitation maverick Jess Franco and Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich released, 1977's SLAVES is perhaps the rarest and most sought after. The film (also known as SWEDISH NYMPHO SLAVES and ...

  • 99 Women


    For his epic shocker of women gone wild, legendary director Jess Franco (JUSTINE) brought together a once-in-a-lifetime cast of International beauties including Maria Schell (THE ODESSA FILE), Luciana Paluzzi (THUNDERBALL), Rosalba Neri (LADY FRANKENSTEIN) and Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS). Oscar wi...

  • Women Behind Bars


    When a brazen diamond heist on a Chinese junk ends in a bloody double-cross, the traitor escapes only to be mysteriously murdered by his mistress. The vicious vixen is locked away in a tropical prison where, to keep the hidden jewels for herself, she'll have to resist the charms of the warden's S...

  • Venus in Furs


    Jess Franco's Supernatural Stunner!

    Of all the twisted hits from cult director Jess Franco (SADOMANIA, 99 WOMEN), this is the one that fans and critics alike call his masterpiece! James Darren (THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, DEEP SPACE NINE) stars as a traumatized trumpeter sucked into a whirlpool of psy...

  • Countdown To Esmeralda Bay [Remastered]


    Remastered from the original 35mm negative - A colorful, pulse-pounding tale of revolution, a military gone mad, a government out of control and those who profit from the chaos.

  • Jess Franco's She Killed in Ecstasy


    In what fans and critics consider to be her greatest role, the luscious Soledad Miranda – in one of her final performances before her tragic death – stars as the vengeful widow who seduces then murders the men and women responsible for her husband’s suicide. Howard Vernon (THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF), ...

  • Jess Franco's Cecilia


    Cecilia, a haughty aristocrat who enjoys taunting her servants with her flawless physique, finds her life turned upside down when she is violated by the victims of her vicious games. This eye-opening experience leads the newly enlightened libertine into a sordid series of swingin' socialite soire...

  • Jess Franco's Love Camp


    In an unknown South American hell-hole, a guerrilla army violently kidnaps women and forces them into a live of ill repute. The women who refuse to cooperate are punished.

    A beautiful new bride, Angela, is kidnapped on her wedding night and soon finds herself in the hands of the guerrilla’s reb...

  • Jess Franco's Night of the Eagles


    From the studio that brought you ZOMBIE LAKE and PANTHER SQUAD and the director of FEMALE VAMPIRE and BARBED WIRE DOLLS, comes Jess Franco's NIGHT OF THE EAGLES, a stark WWII drama starring iconic genre actors Christopher Lee (HORROR OF DRACULA, THE BLOODY JUDGE and the STAR WARS prequels) and Lu...

  • Jess Franco's Merchants of Lust


    In this long-unseen shocker from “one of filmdom’s most provocative creators” (The A.V. Club), the legendary Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS) pushes the limits of psycho-sexual insanity like never before!

    Lina Romay (of BARBED WIRE DOLLS and MACUMBA SEXUAL infamy) and Lynn Monteil (of Jean Rollin’s...