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  • Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls: Chapter 04


    Get ready for the big, green-barf splattered grand finale, the final chapter of director William Butler's wild serialized sequel BABY OOPSIE: MURDER DOLLS! See Sybil's last gasp effort to take down Oopsie's evil cabal of Satanic toys while trying to save her friend Ray Ray's soul. This is the big...

  • Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls: Chapter 01

    Movie + 2 extras

    Everyone's favorite demonic toy is back with a bloody vengeance! When Oopsie's best pal Sybil (comedian and social media sensation Libbie Higgins) is commissioned to create a new line of dolls for a shadowy company, she ends up sculpting a duo of homicidal plastic playthings whose wickedness riva...

  • Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls: Chapter 02

    Movie + 8 extras

    The adventures of the ultimate "demonic toy" continues with the second chapter of MURDER DOLLS! When Oopsie's best pal Sybil (comedian and social media sensation Libbie Higgins) is commissioned to create a new line of dolls for a shadowy company, she ends up sculpting a duo of homicidal plastic p...

  • Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls: Chapter 03

    Movie + 2 extras

    The story of Sybil, Ray Ray and the malevolent Baby Oopsie continues in this third chapter of MURDER DOLLS! More evil toys, more unwilling victims, more satanic delirium and weird deviancy make up this latest installment. Only one more round to go!

  • Brining Up Oopsie: The Story So Far

    Movie + 3 extras

    To get you psyched for the final chapter of BABY OOPSIE: MURDER DOLLS, we're unleashing this BRAND NEW special episode, a psychotronic recap of the entire BABY OOPSIE saga so far! It's a maniacal clip-trip that dives deep into Sybil's tortured mind, as she struggles to make sense of her insane ne...

  • Baby Oopsie
    Movie + 6 extras

    Baby Oopsie

    Movie + 6 extras

    Crawling from the crib of the DEMONIC TOYS universe comes director William Butler's (THE RESONATOR: MISKATONIC U) BABY OOPSIE, an all-new, all- deranged and totally subversive sorta-sequel that's sure to rip your senses to shreds!

    Perpetually picked on and endlessly neglected Sybil Pittman (Libb...

  • Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl


    Beverly Wood is one of the biggest stars on social media. Millions of fans subscribe to her sexy cam shows and buy her products and it seems like everyone loves her. Everyone that is except her husband and Fuschia, the young upstart who secretly plots to bring Beverly down and take over her onlin...

  • Piranha Women: Episode 01


    Get ready for maverick B movie auteur Fred Olen Ray's two-part exploitation epic, PIRANHA WOMEN! The tender tale of a tribe of sexy ladies who keep a toothy, terrifying secret beneath their bikini tops and the young woman who is slowly, surely starting to join their ribald ranks.

    It's like a Li...

  • Piranha Women: Episode 02

    Movie + 1 extra

    As Richard frantically searches for his missing girlfriend, he discovers a secret society of beautiful women, all medically altered by the mysterious Dr Sinclair. They're something less than human. They're PIRANHA WOMEN! Get ready for the second and final part of director Fred Olen Ray's aquatic ...

  • Evil Bong 888: Infinity High


    Over fifteen years and nine movies have culminated to this moment: the final flick in the far-out EVIL BONG series...get ready for Charles Band's EVIL BONG 888: INFINITY HIGH!

    When he's finally given a chance to go legit by opening a restaurant, Rabbit (series regular Sonny Carl Davis) can't st...

  • Girls For Mercenaries


    Another impossibly rare exploitation film from the bizarre and beautiful world of legendary French studio Eurocine! This action-packed slice of '70s mayhem is filled with gun battles, typical Eurocine weirdness and sex and it has NEVER been released in North America and has never before been avai...

  • Trancers 4 [Remastered]

    Movie + 1 extra

    Jack is back to the future. Having since lost Lena (Helen Hunt), he finds he's lost his other wife Alice (Megan Ward) to Harris (Stephen Macht). While heading out for another assignment, something goes wrong with the TCL chamber. Jack finds himself in a whole new, more dangerous dimension.

    He al...

  • Famous T&A 2


    Get ready for FAMOUS T&A 2, an all-new, all-hot compilation of clips from a cavalcade of movies featuring today's most fetching female stars BEFORE they were super famous! Hosted by the iconic Diana Prince (sidekick to horror host Joe Bob Briggs in Shudder's hit series THE LAST DRIVE-IN), this se...

  • Last Foxtrot in Burbank


    Thought lost for years, Charles Band's utterly insane 1973 comedy, a cheeky skewering of the controversial LAST TANGO IN PARIS (edited by John Carpenter!) was recently discovered in the UCLA archives. Now, we're premiering it here for the FIRST TIME in any known home entertainment format, totally...

  • Trancers 5: Sudden Death [Remastered]

    Movie + 1 extra

    You can't keep a good future cop down, as this fifth fantastic feature in the TRANCERS saga proves! The iconic Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) finds himself once more lost in - and running out of - time and desperately trying to find his way home from the evil interdimensional world of Orpheus, where m...