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  • My Darker Half


    From the Surrender Cinema vaults! A rarely seen, comedic sexy short mystery culled from our '90s erotica heyday!

  • AIMEE: The Visitor


    Scott Keyes is a brilliant but misanthropic computer hacker who generally prefers the company of computers to human beings. But Keyes’ life is about to be turned upside-down. Thanks to some code-breaking by his partners Hunter and Gazelle, Keyes is finally able to unlock AIMEE, an incredibly adva...

  • What The Peeper Saw


    A fiendish child is out to destroy his father and new stepmother through a series of horrific pranks and antics.

  • The Dead Hate The Living


    When a renegade band of young filmmakers breaks into an abandoned hospital to make their horror epic, they stumble upon a real dead body and decide to use it in their movie. They accidentally bring it back to life, open a portal to a dead world that releases dozens of other zombies, then struggle...

  • Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things


    Six friends in a theatrical troupe dig up a corpse on an abandoned island to use in a mock Satanic rite. It backfires with deadly consequences.

  • Mondo Freudo


    Also known as SENSUOUS TABOO, this wild 1966 "mondo" movie takes viewers on a worldwide tour of sexual practices and rituals, including Mexican strippers, British prostitutes and New York satanists!

  • Black Venus


    Former Miss Bahamas Josephine Jacqueline Jones stars as Venus, the stunning ebony seductress that no man or woman can resist! This infamous sensual cinema classic is beautifully shot, boasts an intelligent script and is filled with beautiful women in various states of undress!

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  • Diana Prince's Sexy Six Pack | DVD Set


    FOR A LIMITED TIME get six scintillating skin flicks personally selected by comely cult movie Queen Diana Prince (Joe Bob Briggs' The Last Drive-In, EVIL BONG 888) packed in ONE exclusive box set, limited to 1000 units, each one numbered and SIGNED by Diana herself!

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