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  • Hobgoblins [Remastered]


    A vast, deserted movie lot of a once-prominent Hollywood film studio is home to a vicious group of furry, grinning, toothy little aliens who read their victims' minds and kill them by making their dreams come true.

  • Vice Academy 2 Remastered


    Join in all the sexy shenanigans as rookie policewomen (Ginger Lynn Allen, Linnea Quigley) thwart a villainess out to spike the city's water with an aphrodisiac. They’ll do whatever it takes - even if it means going undercover in underwear!

    You have the right to remain silent, but you won’t wit...

  • Good Girls Don’t


    Brash and gutsy stripper Bettina and mousy secretary Jeannie are framed for a murder they didn't commit. The radically contrasting distaff duo go on the lam in a red convertible with a half million dollars in cash in a briefcase. Various folks on both sides of the law give hot pursuit.

  • Night Of The Extraterrestrials


    NIGHT OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS (aka The Vistants), is set in the neon colored 1950s and chronicles the hi-jinx which ensue following the theft of a ray gun by a teenage boy from his bizarre neighbors who just happen to be aliens who have embedded themselves within a sleepy suburban neighborhood.

  • Vice Academy 3 Remastered


    When rookie cops Candy (Elizabeth Kaitan) and Holly (Ginger Lynn Allen) are sent on their first big assignments, they must struggle to stop a gang of female convicts, led by the sinister Melanie (Julia Parton), who is transformed into the mutated monster Malathion after a bout with some toxic waste.

  • Vice Academy 4


    "To Protect and Serve" takes on a whole new meaning when the Vice Academy girls are on the case!

    Candy (Elizabeth Kaitan) and her new partner Samantha (Rebecca Rocheford Davies) are back in an all new wild adventure! The wicked nymphomaniac, Malathion (Julia Parton), has broken out of prison ag...

  • Mystery On Makeout Mountain


    A tour bus carrying three beautiful centerfold models breaks down in the isolated town of Pig Hollow, leaving the girls stranded on the only farm for miles, which is in fear of repossession for owing $20,000 in back taxes. Much to the girls surprise, they find themselves enjoying the rough farm l...

  • Vice Academy 5


    What starts as a computer game, becomes a hilarious series of crimes, when the commissioner's son, Irwin, accidentally unleashes a Virtual Reality Call Girl from his computer. Vice Academy's officers Candy and Traci have to stop the spreading of transmitted computer viruses.

  • Vice Academy 6


    Vice cops Candy and Traci meet ‘the bikini robbers’ who are armed inside a bank. The thieves escape with loot after a wild shoot-out. The commissioner and the instructor enlist Internal Affairs detective to solve the case. He suspects the Vice cops and sends them to prison. However, a robber plan...